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Academservice Contact information:
Academservice Ltd, 49 Arkhitektora Vlasova street, Moscow, 117393, Russia

Special Events Department:
Phones: +7(495) 789-9090, +7 (495) 789-9080, +7(495) 231 88 52 (cell phone), +7(495) 970-5766 (cell phone),
Fax.: +7(495) 789-9018

Dear Friends!

The Travel Company “Academservice” is one of the world leading incoming travel companies operating in Russia, CIS Countries and the Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia).Our company established in 1990 offers its clients the full range of travel services in 175 cities of all the ex-USSR 15 countries, including hotel accommodation in 750 hotels 3-5*, transfers and transport services, visa support, air travel, VIP service in the airports, railway travel, excursions, river and sea cruises in the territory of the former USSR.

Academservice Company deals with 11 thousand travel and corporate companies in 130 countries all over the world offering its partners low prices for individuals, tourist groups and businessmen, and special exclusive rates for special events organizers (congresses, conferences, festivals, tours, championship, concert tours, fashion shows and etc.).

More than 380 thousand people all over the world use the company travel services annually.

Academservice headquarters is located in Moscow. Besides, company has branch offices in international airport “Sheremetyevo-II” and a lot of hotels in Moscow and St.Petersburg and many other countries of the world. More than 170 highly qualified company employees ensure maintenance of high client service standards, in compliance with them any ordered travel service is confirmed within 24 hours.

For 16 years of the work since the time of foundation Academservice has been marked out many times by various Russian professional rewards, among which only in 2001-2004 the company was awarded with:

• Global Travel Award – an international “Oscar” in the travel sphere,

• Crystal Globe – for achievements in the sphere of incoming tourism,

• Leaders of the Russian Tourist Business Prize – for best innovation project,

• Crystal Globe – for best travel catalogue,

• Russian Travel Industry Award – as the best Russian travel operator in the sphere of incoming tourism,

• Russian Travel Industry Award – for Russian hotels promotion on the world and business markets,

• Hospitality Excellence Award – for Ukrainian hotels promotion on the world market,

• Crystal Boat – as the best partner of Moscow hotels.

• Tourist Olympus - National Award for being the best Russian travel operator in the sphere of incoming tourism.